The stay at home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic created a lot of tension in homes across the US. Cooped up families were bickering and fighting, with social unrest and a divisive political campaign only exacerbating things. At the same time, Johnsonville was launching their new product Sausage Strips, which brought together the delicious taste of sausage with the look of bacon. So maybe, just maybe, Johnsonville can bring together bickering families too. Enter "The Meatiator," played by comedian and actor Lil Rel Howery, here to solve your pettiest home disputes, brought to you by Johnsonville.

The campaign included a M.E.A.T. (Meatiator Education & At-Home Training) KIT designed and written to educate an army of skilled Meatiators to help ease tensions and create a little unity. This educational kit gave recipients everything they needed to become a Certified Licensed Meatiator. It included a meat gavel and a meat hatch for easy consumption of sausage strips during a pandemic.

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