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I started Commonstate with my business partner Joe Salvatori a few years ago to champion the creative people in the community. The reason was simple: Cities and communities are shaped by people with ideas -- architects, filmmakers, photographers, artists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs. Commonstate is a venture that combines a few things I truly love -- meeting and talking to people, writing, and photography. Over the last few years I have met a lot of fascinating people, and told a lot of stories. Below is just a sampling of some of the profiles I've written and people I have photographed.


My profile of Barry -- a film editor, documentarian, entrepreneur, and friend -- won a silver award at the Milwaukee Press Club for best long soft feature story.


A story about how a quest for a birthday gift led me to this absolutely brilliant artist. Nina is one of a kind.


I talked to the brilliant director of acclaimed documentary "The Blood is at the Doorstep" about his work, what motivates him, and putting himself in the middle of danger to tell a story.


The story of artist and photographer Chuck Dwyer and a group called "The Dry Points" -- an eclectic enclave of artists that take a decidedly daring and fearless approach to their work.Chuck is an absolute genius.


Executive Director of WMSE radio, Tom is a Milwaukee legend. I had always wanted to write about him, and when I found out he was a bird watcher I had my angle. We hopped in his van on a cold January day and talked for hours while seeking out the elusive snowy owl.


AKA "Bigshot Robot," David is a brilliant artist with a unique and singular vision. His quirky murals across Milwaukee are distinctive and beautiful, enhancing the skyline with color and character.

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