When I worked at Hoffman York, my creative director was a man named Tom Jordan, who was a smart, animated, extremely creative and business minded person. I learned a ton from him. When we were asked by Children's Hospital to create a campaign to build awareness and help raise funds for the hospital, Tom had the idea to write a song for them. At the time, most songs in commercials were cheesy jingles. But he wanted it to be an actual song, one you might hear on the radio. So he wrote the lyrics and came into my office and asked me if I could write the tune. I wrote it, demoed it, and the client bought in. Next thing you know we were in a studio in New York recording it. Local news picked it up and I had news crews in my office asking me about the song. It really struck a chord in the community and was probably the closest I may ever come to have written a hit song.

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